Photography… It’s our passion!

Tony began his photographic career at Darklight Studio in his native Rome, Italy under the tutelage of Ricardo Sabatini.  During his apprenticeship he was inspired by the centuries-old cathedrals, fountains, statues and the architectural wonders created by the old masters.  He learned to utilize the rich textures, shadows and colors of Rome to frame his favorite photos of people.

 In 1992, Tony and Lorraine opened the Rochester branch of Darklight Studios.  Tony was delighted to discover that Rochester provides a rich sensual panorama of backdrops.  He has everything from stately public buildings, gorgeous churches, and graceful old mansions to the picturesque shores of the area’s multiple lakes.  Statues, formal gardens, and fields of wild flowers allow him to continue capturing people’s moods and personalities in rich and romantic settings reminiscent of his roots.

 Tony: I love creating intimate personal photos which frame our clients “in the moment.”  This is consistent twenty-first century technology. To me, photography is art, and the photos I take have to be pleasing to me, too, as well as a reflection of you.  Provocative, soulful, sensual, gay, graceful, and tender, sometimes eyes or hands alone can tell the story.  I am a patient photographic artist who has devoted my career to framing you so that each shot reflects the emotions of the moment:  lover’s joy and tenderness, family warmth and history, togetherness.  Children’s innocent wonder, a person’s character and mood — whatever my lens captures, I always seek to reflect the moment’s passionate living. The satisfactions I feel in bringing the combinations of lighting, contrasts, texture, focus, color, composition and form ~the technical aspects of the art~ into play in carefully chosen locations, seeking to capture just the right “feel,” are lasting ones; it never grows old. I love it when people view my work and say “Wow!”

 Lorraine:  I am a photojournalist.  I capture the vignettes which become your story and memories.  It is a privilege and a priority to get to know you personally.  To us as a couple, parents, and yes as children, we know photography is all about people.  We have grown our business at the same time we’ve grown as a family.  We’ve “been there and done that” and know the value of reliable qualified professionals. We are committed to being, and have proven ourselves to be, great reliable professionals. Through the years we’ve become experts at being helpful in the happy and stressful days of preparation, the emotional hours leading to the vows at the altar, and the many hours of celebration that follow. At the right time and in the right place, a friendly face can work miracles. 

 Tony Lorraine &:  We have “been there” with many families over time.  Wedding photos were followed by christenings, and then by gatherings of large family groups and graduations.  Regardless of the occasion, details are so important.  For example if you are about to become bride and groom, you have much on your minds and we can help reduce the burden.  Appreciate relaxing in the knowledge that as your photographers we will honor the contract we make and take the photos you want.  We provide friendly stress-free service, and in a pinch are voices of experience and rescue (like the time the bride‘s lipstick fell down the front of her dress and our emergency kit had just the fix — baby powder to save the photos).  Together we provide the package you select.  Leave organization of all the multiple combinations to us — we get the people together to give you the pictures you asked for in the setting you have chosen to frame it “just right.”  During the formal shots Tony concentrates on the artistry and lighting while Lorraine takes care of the details so you don’t have glitches or “ooops moments!”  We are very good:  trust us to make sure you and yours are happy with the results. Darklight brings experience to whatever “the shoot” is — wedding, formal ball, family reunion, team event, family photos and portraits.  We know how important the setting, background, and mood are.  All combine to make that special relationship between the camera’s lens — and you the subject — a work of art.  It is our passion to preserve the Passions of Your Lifetime with beauty, dignity, and meaning that endured forever.

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